Monday, June 20, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt on Horseback

Today we feature a photograph of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt of the Rough Riders, just back from Cuba. Prior to his stint as a Rough Rider, Roosevelt served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. The real Secretary of the Navy was pretty much absent from his job, so Roosevelt pretty much wielded the full power of the Navy. Some have speculated that Roosevelt actually started the Spanish American War so he would have a war to fight in and show the metal he was made of.


  1. WOW! Conspiracy theorist back then already.

    NANCY from yesterday

    I am in total agreement with you. I think that an person receiving unemployment or food stamps should do 2 things. First, take a bi-weekly drug test or at least monthly. Any drugs in your system NO benefits. Second is they have to do some kind of labor for their benefits. It doesn't mean it has to be digging ditches. It can be picking up a certain distance of trash along the road ways. Or filing papers at a public work building. Sweeping a parking area at a public works building. Just something to keep them from just sitting around drink beer and watching TV. I realize that there are a lot of people that deserve and need the assistance. and can't work for varies reason. but there are way to many that do sit home and drink beer and watch TV.
    Maybe if they had to put forward some effort to get their assistance then they might work at getting a good paying job.

    I know some people that will get a job, work long enough to qualify for assistance, get themselves laid off, get back on assistance until they run out and then get a job and go through the whole thing all over.

  2. On the subject of Food Stamps:
    As a cashier in a grocery store,I saw it too many times, The abuse of the food stamps debit card. They bring a friend with them. The friend has a cart loaded with food. They use their food stamp debit card to pay for the friends food and the friend gives them cash.

  3. I don't know that food stamps have to do with Theodore Roosevelt (although as a Christian gentleman, he did feel an obligation to feed the poor). I had to go on food stamps and public assistance years ago when my husband left me with two small children and I lost my job. I would much rather have had a job and once I got one was thrilled to call and cancel my benefits. Not all people on public assistance are cheats.

  4. To heck with welfare!!!

    In my day you had to take care of yourself. My old man worked 14 hour days, six days a week in the coal mines of NE Pennsylvania. Sometimes his back would be killing him or his hands would be swollen from hoisting a pick all day long, but he never complained!!
    We didn't have a lot, but Mom always managed to make a boiled chicken last for a few days, and we didn't have dumb desert either. I tell all the young runts today that you don't miss what you never had, and that's how it was with my family growing up.

    I can still remember the cold winter mornings when I would put a piece of cardboard in my shoes to fill the hole that wear and tear brought. With 8 kids in the family My old man was in no shape to pay for a new pair.

    Kids today have it too damned easy and they don't know what sacrifice is about.
    Maybe a little trip to the woodshed would straighten them out and then when they get out of school they can go find a job (there's plenty out there, just not the ones they "want"--spoiled brats!!) and build some character.

    I was sitting on the front porch yesterday, thinking of Ol' Pops, it being Father's Day and all. I miss him a lot, there was a real man. and he made a man out of me, too.
    Not that my kids appreciate it. Hell, I did all I could to drum respect and honor into them but they ended up being a couple of useless hippies!!!!
    Not even a card for Father's Day!

  5. I've been out of town and see you have purchased a bit of history yourself. Great choice in both cases but be careful when you crank them so you don't break your thumb.

    Gaskets may be your biggest concern, especially in the carbs. I envy your enthusiasm. I did a short overhaul of a '52 MGTD discovered why they quit making them. Your Fords are much better quality and simpler than my "car from devil". You will enjoy this project.


  6. That's a good looking horse that Teddy is riding. I wonder if he used that one on San Juan Hill or had a less attractive work horse that he would not care too much if it were killed in the charge

  7. Mean old Man you're one of a kind :) My Great Grandpa came over from Wales and worked in coal mines all across the country

  8. TR went to war in style. He had his uniforms made at Brooks Brothers and privately ordered Colt-Browning M1895 ("potato-digger") machineguns for his unit. Makes me think he would have ridden the Kentucky Derby winner up San Juan Hill if it was available.


  9. TR was a friend of Seth Bullock of Deadwood fame.

  10. Mean Old Man, even though you are a mean old man, I'm sorry your kids didn't even send you a card yesterday. My old man is a total grouch and probably thinks I'm a hippie but he's still my father. So happy belated father's day, sir.

  11. Big TR fan here! Looking at the picture reminds me of the great job Robin Williams did portraying Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum movies.

    I don't mean to barge in here and crassly plug my own blog but knowing that you and your readers are avid historians I wanted to invite you to take a look at a neat place I rode my bike last Friday.

  12. He looks nothing like Robin Williams... :-/


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