Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roosevelt Wolf Hunt

This is a slightly different version of Yesterday's picture. In researching John Abernathy, and his amazing wolf catching abilities, I learned that famed Indian Chief Quanah Parker had also been on the wolf hunt with Roosevelt and Abernathy. I then found this picture. If you look at the right part of the picture, you see half the face of a Native American. I believe that is Quanah Parker, but would welcome your speculation. Also on the wolf hunt was legendary oil man Burke Burnett. Burnett might be the man in the dark suit and hat. 

I also found the following photograph of the same wolf hunt.

You can click on the image to get a closer look. Roosevelt is in the right of the picture. Quanah Parker might be in the dark suit and hat on the left side of the picture. Again, I welcome your speculations.


  1. Getting back to yesterdays comments... I want to tell Mean Old Man I was very disapointed when he said, " Why bother ranting, no one cares". I care as well as allot of other people. I love your commentary and you better keep on ranting ya hear me mister! Your BB Gun story really hit home for me. My grandfather gave me a Red Rider BB gun in the early 70's when I was 10 or 11. My mom took it away from me because she caught me shooting at birds out my bedroom window. Kids will be kids. It was then that my Dad took me up to Maine to go hunting with Uncles and cousins. I learned allot of respect for guns on that hunting trip. Keep on commenting M.O.M.

  2. Did Christoval get any of that rain? Greenville got 3 inches last night.

  3. Anon,
    We got a pretty nice rain. There was a big thunderstorm, but it played out as it got here, and we ended up just with a nice rain.

  4. Wow. Quanah Parker had a facinating life and family. I thought his features looked very "European". That was confirmed in reading the story of his mother, cynthia Ann Parker.

    I beleive you assumptions of Quanah's placement in each picture is correct.

    Now I must go back and read the comments made yesterday.

    1. My ggg grandfather :)

  5. Quanah Parker: Comanche Chief By Rosemary Kissinger -- Chapter 19 is entitled "Wolf Hunt with Teddy Roosevelt" and includes a similar photo (probably from the same session) at p.108. Based on identification in that photo, your i.d. of Quanah Parker and Burk Burnett is accurate.

    Search google books for confirmation.

  6. Yes, Quanah and President Roosevelt were good friends. Roosevelt is known for visiting Quanahs' home in Cache, Oklahoma quite a few times. I do believe it is Chief Quanah as he did roam around in Texas after peaceful times to visit The Parker Family and a few other friends. The braids give him away there...

  7. Yes, it is Quanah Parker in the photo. I'm related to him through his mother....her uncle Rev. D. Parker is my great-great-great (how many?) grandfather. To bad the picture of him is not complete.....but there are many of him anyway...just not many of Cynthia Ann Parker.

  8. There is a man in a dark hat with high cheekbones seated second from the left. Looks like him.


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