Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dust Storm

Today's picture is from 1935, and it shows a dust storm hitting Stratford, Texas. Helps you see why they called it the dust bowl. Several of you had commented that while we are having a drought in West Texas, many of you are enjoying record rainfall. I think the problem is that we have a high pressure system over the area, and we need something like a hurricane in the gulf to clear it out.


I had mentioned that Lovie and Miss Kitty Co-Sat on one big nest of peacock eggs, and that the babies hatched out yesterday. Well, the big question was how they would sort things out as to which babies belonged to which mama. It appears that they have things worked out and came up with a fair split. Lovie got 7 of the babies, and Miss Kitty got one.

The funny thing is that Lovie will be sitting on 7 of the little peachicks, and Miss Kitty will have one, and then Miss Kitty will move a little to adjust, and the one baby will run over and dive under Lovie. This Miss Kitty goes over and makes the clucking Mama Peacock noise trying to coax her ONE baby back out. I wonder if the babies just liked Lovie more, or if she did something to coral them.


  1. I can't image taking a picture like that! Amazing!

  2. That dust storm is impressive and awful. I hope we don't see the conditions that generated that nickname again.

    Lovie could simply be a better mom but 7 (+1) chicks is a huge brood to care for, I hope she knows what she's doing!

  3. I've experienced a dust storm. Check out what it looked like in 1977.

  4. We lived in Talco, just north of Mt Pleasant, Texas in 1977 and I remember there was a dust storm blew in from Oklahoma. Wasn't as bad as the ones they had in the 30's.

  5. How heart breaking it must have been for ranchers and farmers when they saw this coming !Watching the dry soil raised into the sky off to other places . Nothing but sand left . A hard life .

    Natural thing to want to be in a larger group for that little pea chick . Single mothers raising a single chick doesn't feel secure enough I suppose . I wonder if Mom will just let it happen eventually?

  6. With Miss Kitty's batting average on raising chicks (0) all the little pea chicks want to be with Lovie the super mom.


  7. Wow, that is scary looking.

  8. Fantastic photo - no photoshop tampering in those days.


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