Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cowboy Breakfast

Today's picture was taken in 1903 during Teddy Roosevelt's trip to Colorado. It appears to me that Teddy was quite fond of cowboys, and when he traveled he appeared to seek them out. In the picture above he is enjoying a Cowboy Breakfast near Hugo, Colorado. I believe he is somewhat overdressed for the occasion. 


  1. You have to remember TR was a cowboy and had a ranch in North Dakota in the early 1880's,

  2. I think ol' TR probably stopped by unexpectedly after attending some formal function--that's the reason for the fancy duds.
    TR was a great man who never put on errs, every man he ever met was treated respectfully.
    His father brought him up to respect and have concern for others and that is the main reason he became the great man he was!!!
    Not like a lot of parents today who want to be their kids "best friend". My old man was a lot of things but he wasn't my best friend.
    I faced many hardships in my life and had a fisticuff or two and wasn't afraid to back down..but my old man was the only man on this planet whom I was ever truly afraid of. And that's respect!!!!
    A personal note to Dave 107:
    Dave, from your writings I can conclude that you are a fine young man and I appreciate your kind comments. I don't always have the chance to view the blog or the time to write what with running errands for my Missus and all. But I will say if more young men were like Dave 107 this world would be a brighter place.

  3. Comment made by TR,

    "I never would have been President if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota," commented Theodore Roosevelt. He felt his experiences in the Badlands, initially as a sportsman hunter, and later as a rancher "took the snob out of him" and taught him to see people as worthy based on their character and accomplishments, rather than on their economic worth, formal education or social standing.

  4. M.O.M, Thanks so much for the kind words. Got my chest puffed out here. Thats really one of the nicest compliments I've ever had. My friend, Rhonda reads OPD also and when M.O.M hasn't commentented she's always asking me "Where's M.O.M?, Where's M.O.M? Thanks again and have a great day. Dave

  5. I'm not gonna swear for it's historical accuracy but I remember enjoying the film "Rough Riders" starring Tom Berenger as TR. Everyone's favorite modern day cowboy actor Sam Elliot is in it as well.


  6. They filmed part of the movie "ROUGH RIDERS" here in Bandera tx. They trucked in thousands of banana plants to plant in these caliche hills.
    A few of the locals got bit parts in the film.


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